Stuck in a rut and want to get your fitness back on track? In training for a specific event or even just want to look after yourself and your health?

Let our FREE 4 Step Personal Fitness Programme get you there!

When you join us at The Key Health Club on a membership of 1 month or more, you have the option to book in for a consultation with a member of our in house fitness team.

We also offer a FREE Gym Induction if you need help and guidance to get the most out of the 50 stations that we have in our 4 Zone Gym.


During your initial consultation, a member of our team will spend time with you to discuss your specific fitness and health objectives. This could be something as simple as improving your overall tone or strength, increasing your total cardio levels or working with you as you recover from injury or ill health.


To allow us to provide a fully tailored programme that is right for you and your individual needs, we need to understand your start point. To do this, you will be asked to undertake a number of short exercises and a full body composition analysis to ensure that the final programme is just right for you. The results will be recorded on a chart for you to keep and refer to you each time you come to the Club.


This is a more accurate indicator of your health than simply BMI. Body Composition Analysis can accurately calculate and monitor changes in body fat, visceral fat and body water, muscle percentage, bone mass and calorie requirements (based on metabolic rates). This will then provide a much more holistic approach to your ongoing fitness management.


Once this has all been completed, you will be given a detailed programme of exercises specific to you and you can use this each time you come to the Club.

You can also book a FREE 60 min Personal Training session with Harrison, our inhouse registered Personal Trainer to start your plan in the right way.

There is also an option to book a FREE 15 min consultation with Gemma, our onsite physio to discuss any injuries or physical ailments you may have.

After your initial consultation, you will then be contacted every 4 weeks to review your starting objectives. This may not be a long enough time frame to achieve what you originally set out to do but is essential to ensure that you are ‘on track’ or if there are any areas that require more work. Your review should be face to face and at a time that suits. It will include a new fitness and Body Composition analysis so that it allows our instructor to provide further guidance and support, if required. Your personal fitness programme can then be adapted and developed in line with your own personal achievements.