Group Exercise Classes

If you are in need of motivation or even just exercise inspiration then why not try some of our Group Exercise classes.

Our fully equipped Studio has everything you need to get the most out of each class so whether you are looking to improve your fitness, stamina, strength, balance, flexibility or co-ordination, there will always be something for you to try and enjoy.

As a member of The Key Health Club, you will have access to ALL of our classes at no extra cost so why not come and try something new in our fully air-conditioned Indoor Cycling and Group Exercise Studio.

Member Motivation

“I would like to say thank you to Vicky and Kerry for giving me much needed inspiration to carry on my fitness journey. Since starting on 2nd January I have lost 17lbs to date and I have enjoyed every class I have attended.

The atmosphere is lovely and the staff are always friendly especially Rachel on Reception.

I never thought I would enjoy exercise as much as I have due to never feeling comfortable in the gym but that has all changed now.”

Quote from Chloe, Member of The Key Health Club


Low impact, high gain classes improving your balance, co-ordination, flexibility and strength


Builds body flexibility and muscle strength. Emphasis on developing a strong core, improving co-ordination and balance


A slower Yoga practice taking time to tune into your body and mind, followed by meditation to help create a more positive perspective.


Connecting breath with movement as we create strength and flexibility of body and focus of mind. Slightly more energetic than Hatha Yoga.


Burn off those calories and blast that fat away – fast!

Indoor Cycling

A high intensity instructor led class on a stationary Spin bike


Inspired by a mixture of martial arts. A high intensity work out which includes non-contact punches, strikes and kicks. 

Total Body / HiiT

A 60 minute (30 /30) combo class designed to first target and strengthen your core and then move to a cardio focused High intensity interval Training to get the maximum out of a workout in a shorter space of time – do both classes or just chose one


A 30 minute version of high intensity Indoor Cycling. 


High intensity interval training. Get the maximum out of a workout in a shorter space of time

Vick's Mix

Combination of 30 minutes cardio fat burning activity and 30 minutes of toning the body

Aqua Fit

Aqua Fit is a fun fitness class in which you perform a range of high intensity activities in the pool

Kerry's Mix

A 60 minute (30 / 30) class combo workout; starting with Circuits for strength leading into a seriously intense cardio session


Zumba is a dance fitness class combining latin and international music with choreographed dance moves. Suitable for all levels and abilities.


A 35 minute version of Aqua Fit but with short bursts of high intensity exercises.


A 35 minute version of Aqua Fit.


Use the natural resistance and buoyancy of water against your body to provide a full conditioning and cardio workout. Improves mobility and flexibility.

Tone and Strength

Focus on developing keys areas of strength or toning up specific parts of your body

Aqua Fit & Tone

This is a fun fitness class involving high intensity activities in the pool with an extended focus on different muscle groups to aid full body toning


A 60 min class designed to target and strengthen your core.

LBT & Arms

Legs, Tums, Bums & Arms – Concentrates on 4 key areas to tone up. Great for those who want to lose weight and improve fitness

Strength & Body Conditioning

A ‘pump’ style class using weights to squat, press, lift and curl in a series of highly repetitive movements to burn fat and gain muscle strength and tone. The 30 minute version is a great way to try it out or if your short on time


A 30 min circuit style class, designed to work the whole body.


A 30 min ‘top to toe’ exercise class in a small group (1 to 4 people) based on the gym floor. Suitable for all abilities and great for those wanting extra motivation.