**We’re back and Covid-19 secure**

We are delighted to have opened our doors once again
to welcome our members, both old and new.

The Key Health Club is open and we are delighted to welcome both new and existing members!

Further to the most recent Government announcements, we are delighted to confirm that our Exercise Classes (in the Studio and Pool) and Cafe are now back. We can’t wait to take another step  towards normality!!

We have detailed below how we must continue to operate until the guidance relaxes further. We appreciate there is a lot to take in but rest assured that our team will be on hand to guide you, as required and we are constantly reviewing the operation to ensure that we achieve the right balance between you having a great workout and the measures we need to take to ensure we are all safe.

What has not changed is our welcome and we can’t wait to see you all at The Key!

Entering the Club

  • Please do NOT enter the building if you have symptoms of coronavirus (a fever or a new persistent cough or no sense of taste or smell)
  • ALL existing members or potential new members will need to register at Reception to gain access to the Club.
  • It is mandatory that all members must pre-book their session(s) whether to use the gym, pool, sauna or attend one of our Group Exercise Classes using the online booking system or contacting Reception.

  • Only enter the building at the time of your pre-booked session – early arrivals will need to wait in the designated area of the club until their slot/class time.
  • Sanitise your hands in Reception.
  • Adhere to the social distance guidelines in place.

Attending the Gym:

Gym sessions will still be available to book up to 7 days in advance and sessions will mainly be 1.5 hours in duration. We still are able to accommodate 15 people in the Gym at any one time so booking slots should be readily available.

Please continue to enter via Reception and leave via the emergency exit door to help control traffic flow within the Club. Please also continue to wipe down the equipment (antibacterial wipes provided) after each use. Personal towels are NOT allowed in the gym (or classes) due to the high potential to spread the virus.

A few lockers are available in the gym to store coats, tops, personal items, etc. whilst using the gym but please clean the locker and key after use using the wipes provided.

The positioning of equipment has been amended where necessary to allow social distancing to be maintained but please be aware of other users when moving around the Gym. Members will be required to sanitise their hands and wipe down the equipment (antibacterial wipes provided) after each use. Personal towels are NOT allowed in the gym. Doors and windows will be open to encourage fresh air circulation. Gym staff will be on hand to answer any queries.

Attending a Group Exercise Class:

**The class timetable is now live and all classes are available to book.**

All Classes will run in the Studio, with the exception of GGX which will be in the Gym and will be available to book up to 7 days in advance. Some classes will be a little shorter to allow for 15 minute gap between back to back classes. Online booking is available now and bookings can also be made at Reception or by phone. We are still able to accommodate 12 people in the Studio at any one time for classes (10 for Indoor Cycling) so booking slots should be readily available.

The Class Timetable will be reviewed on a regular basis as the guidelines change and in line with member demand.

Please Enter via Reception and go up the stairs through the Cafe and then the corridor and wait in the designate area until called by the Instructor. Members will exit the Studio via the spiral staircase and then via emergency exit door within the Gym to help control traffic flow within the club.

Class attendees will be required to work out within the marked out space area allocated to them and to sanitise their hands and wipe down any equipment used (with antibacterial wipes provided) after each class. The Class Instructors will advise when, if necessary, you can retrieve any equipment you may need for the class and when to put it back; they will be on hand to answer any queries. Please adhere to the social distancing guidelines at all times – please do not wait/ gather pre-or post-class around the Studio and avoid entering the Instructor area taped out within the Studio.

We know a lot of you will be eager to get back to the classes but with the reduced number of spaces please be considerate in how many classes you book onto.

Please bring a full water bottle with you and, for now, please don’t sing (out loud) in the class.

Swimming Pool Usage and Aqua Classes:

**The class timetable is now live and all Aqua classes are available to book.**

Booking for both General Swimming and Aqua classes is still required and bookings can be made on line or via Reception. Swimming sessions are between 40 minutes and 1 hour long and the start times will change in line with our extended opening hours and the return of Puddle Ducks swimming lessons. There will continue to be a maximum of 3 swimmers in the pool at any one time. Full details of booking slots available can be found on the class timetable.

Aqua Classes will run for a 35 to 45 minute duration and there will continue to be a maximum of 10 in each class until the rules relax further. We would ask that participants are ready on poolside before your class start time but do not enter the water until your class starts and wait down the wall by the new seating area (covering the old jacuzzi) to enable the swimmers to have full use of their session and to exit safely. Please ensure that you vacate the changing rooms a maximum of 15 minutes after your class, showering at home where possible.

All swimming pool users are to enter and exit via Reception and early arrivals (more than 10mins before) will need to wait in Reception until their designated time slot.

Booking a Gym/Pool/ Sauna Session or an Exercise Class: 
For the moment, the guidance means we have to ensure that members pre-book a session at The Club so therefore, to make it easier when booking via the web site or the ClubLink app you can filter the timetable to display the ‘Facility’ you want to book – Gym, Swimming Pool, Sauna or Studio. To do this:

1) Click on ‘Timetable’
2) In the top left hand corner of the screen click on ‘Filter’
3) Untick the facilities you don’t want to see
4) Scroll down to the bottom of the list of Instructors and click on ‘Apply’ in the bottom right of your screen
5) Then select the session(s) you want as normal











If you book on to an exercise class or a pool session and know you are unable to make it, please cancel your booking via the App, web or calling Reception as someone may be on a waiting list and be able to attend in your place.

Changing Rooms and Toilets:

Until the Government relaxes social distancing rules further, the use of the changing room will continue to be limited to Pool users only. A maximum of 10 people can be in the Ladies and 8 in the Gents changing rooms at the same time and the shower cubicles should continue to be used as changing cubicles as required.

Pool users should also arrive as “pool ready” as possible to minimise time in the changing rooms. Lockers are now fully in use with antibacterial wipes available for members to use before and after to wipe their locker and bench area.

Gym and Studio users should continue arrive ”workout ready” and shower/change post their session at home or at their onward destination. Lockers are available in the gym if you need to store any personal possessions during your workout.

Please do not use the toilets as “mini changing rooms” after your class/gym session to apply makeup, wash (apart from hands), etc. as this does not allow us to effectively maintain social distancing and hygiene guidelines which are critical at the current time. It is also unfair to other members who may want to use the toilet and are unable to do so due to space restrictions in place in those small areas. We appreciate this many not be convenient to everyone but we all have to abide by Government guidelines at the current time in order to keep everyone as safe as possible so we thank you in anticipation of your co-operation in this matter.

Toilets will be available to all as required (Ladies and Gents in the changing rooms, the unisex toilet in the Café and Ladies only adjacent to the Studio). Users should wash their hands before and after use and maintain the relevant social distancing rules if there is a queue!


The Sauna has now re-opened with a brand new booking process and timetable, designed to make usage more environmentally friendly and cost effective.

Until the existing social distancing guidelines change, a maximum of 2 people ONLY will be allowed in the Sauna at any one time. If there are 2 people using the Sauna at the same time, then you MUST sit on benches at the specified locations (top or bottom bench) and in opposite corners.

The Sauna timetable is now available to book and view online. Please let us know if there are specific times that you wish to use the Sauna and we will review that for you.

The Café at The Key:

We are delighted that our Café has now re-opened. 

Please order at the counter, whilst maintaining social distancing.

The rule of 6 for seating arrangements will apply, that is 6 people from 6 different households can sit at 1 table.

Please do not move tables and chairs as they have all been positioned in line with current social distancing guidelines.

As per standard Government guidance, EVERY member will be asked to record their name for NHS Test and Trace.

Personal Care Services and Physio

All of the Personal Care and Physio services are open. Appointments can be booked directly with the provider. Please be assured any non-member users of these services will be required to follow the same rules as members on entering and exiting the club with regard to hygiene, face coverings and social distancing.

Face Coverings

Face Coverings will be mandatory UPSTAIRS in all locations, unless seated at a table, until the guidance changes. This is in line with Government rules now that our Cafe and Classes are back. There remains no requirement to to wear a face covering in the Pool, Gym or whilst participating in an Exercise Class.