We know people like to exercise in different ways and hence why we offer a wide range of fitness activities within The Club.

Our 240m2 Climate Controlled Gym is divided into 4 work-out zones; each focussing on a different way to achieve your fitness goals.

The Cardio Zone

A really popular zone to warm up and get your heart rate going! Improve your cardiovascular fitness and overall energy levels by using some of the traditional favourites: treadmills, cross trainers, steppers, Bikes (both upright and recumbent). We even have a StairMaster and Rower to include in your workout!

The Strength Zone

Looking to tone up or increase your muscle strength then this is the Zone for you. The 9 machines we have in this Zone offer multiple options to enable a total body workout of your main muscle groups. In addition to our very popular Dual Pulley machines, our Strength Zone also includes a Chest Press, Pec Dec, Shoulder Press, Leg Press, an Inner and Outer Thigh machine, Leg Extension and Leg Curl.

The Functional Zone

Maximise your workout to deliver fast results in our Functional Zone. Designed to focus on exercises and movements that people use in their daily life, the Zone includes equipment such as power bags, kettle bells or dumb bells. It also features Battle Ropes, various floor and bench based core enhancing exercises, a K08 (TRX type), Squat Plate, Dip and Monkey Bars, Punch Bag and Skipping Ropes.  It also includes the Tornado Air Bike – the perfect tool for that individual HiiT workout as it works both your arms and legs at the same time!  Not quite sure where to start – Just speak to one of our team for some advice or why not take part in one of our small group GGX classes?

The Free Weight Zone

Often seen as the most versatile workout tools available, the equipment in our Free Weight Zone are perfect for developing both the strength and size of your muscles. For those of you who want to use weights in their workout,  we have a Squat Rack, Olympic Incline and Flat Benches, Plates and Weights, Dumb Bells from 1Kg up to 50Kg, a Smith Machine, Preacher Curl and several free benches to both include and support your workout.

4 step Personal Fitness Programme:

We offer a free 4 Step Personal Fitness Programme to all our members, who are with us for 1 month or more. Our programme starts with a 1to1 session with one of our fully qualified fitness instructors, followed by a full Body Composition Analysis to create a bespoke plan suitable to your individual aspirations and abilities.

Each member will then benefit from an instructor led gym session to put their programme into action and then progress is formally reviewed every 4 weeks. This will also include an updated Body Composition Analysis but you can always check in with one of our team at any time.

Our Fitness Programme is ideal for everyone, whether you have never stepped foot in a gym before or are looking to revive your fitness regime, but unsure where to start or even if recovering from illness or injury.

There is also the option of the following “FREE EXTRAS”:

* A 60 min personal training session with our fully qualified inhouse trainer

* A 15 min physio consultation from our onsite physio, Total Performance Physio Clinic

Start today and achieve your own goals and targets even faster!